MIYAVI is currently celebrating his 15th Anniversary as a solo artist and tonight’s audience were more than up for creating a party atmosphere at London’s O2 Academy Islington!

Fans travelled from Bulgaria, Spain, Russia, Poland and more to enjoy their musical hero in such an intimate venue as the O2 Academy Islington. As part of a fan project, a giant Union Jack flag featuring ’15’, messages of admiration and thanks from fans took MIYAVI’s gaze and he proudly displayed their efforts for everyone to see, resulting in a huge cheer from the crowd.

Energy levels were firing on all cylinders from both the audience and MIYAVI tonight, who knows how to work the stage and ensure he works all the angles effortlessly. MIYAVI has the crowd exactly where he wants them, he’ll tease the audience with a riff or two, the crowd explodes with excitement and the playful, tipping balance continues throughout the evening.

Tonight’s set is sprinkled with hope and looking to a more vibrant future, as displayed with MIYAVI’s take on P.O.D.’s hit ‘Youth Of The Nation’. A stripped down version of the rockier original, almost to the point that you’d struggle to guess the song in this format. MIYAVI is a devoted family man who discusses his two daughters which leads us into the jaw dropping ‘Where Home Is’. The delicate and soothing vocals of Melody (MIYAVI’s wife) start the track which shows MIYAVI’s incredible and raw talent. MIYAVI’s guitar is no longer that but an instrument that shapeshifts it’s form into something more traditional, the sounds of which are incredibly powerful and moving.

The pace soon picks back up with fan favourite ‘Cry Like This’ which sees arms moving side to side to the beat from the front of the venue to the casual music fans at the bar that throw their hands to the sky and nod along, enjoying the positive vibes and infectious chorus.  The ‘Mission Impossible’ theme and ‘The Others’ keeps spirits high and you’d struggle to believe this is a Sunday night, considering the booming energy levels and cheers from the fans. ‘Afraid To Be Cool’ sees MIYAVI soaked in violet stage lighting, replicating the 80’s theme from the retro video.

One of many highlights from tonight’s set was MIYAVI announcing that his trusty drummer and close friend Bobo is going to become a Dad! When MIYAVI thrusted the mic into Bobo’s direction for comment, which he kindly declined but then spoke up and said “I love fish and chips”, which received a huge cheer and applause from tonight’s audience.

Judging by his constant smiles and comments of appreciation to his fans, MIYAVI is loving his 15th Anniversary and if tonight is anything to go by, his fans will continue to inspire him and vice versa for many years to come.