The quintet recently performed across Europe,  consisting of two dates in Italy, one in the UK and completing their current run in France on the 7th of July. From scrolling through multiple Twitter posts including fan photos, messages of thanks and various live clips on YouTube, it’s clear to see NECRONOMIDOL have left their mark in Europe and fans can’t wait to welcome them back with open arms!

Delve into the world of NECRONOMIDOL and discover the origins of their unique style and sound!


K – Risaki Kakizaki

S – Sari

H – Hina Yotsuyu

R – Rei Imaizumi

T – Himari Tsukishiro

W – Ricky Wilson (Producer)

Q: What are some of the challenges you’ve come across as an idol unit? – Twitter: @jinkipng

S: We play with a lot of very talented bands and artists and as idols it can be very challenging to bring our own singing and performing skills up to a level where we can be on the same level.

K: Image is very important as an idol so even in my private life I need to be aware of the image I project, which can be challenging.

Q: What inspires the NECRONOMIDOL sound and visuals?

W: Hope you don’t mind if I answer this one myself as I’m mainly responsible for those two areas.  For our sound I try to bring in as many diverse influences as I can while still keeping the same dark theme.  You could roughly divide our songs between “metal” and “electronic” – for the metal stuff I’ve been listening to a lot of ambient black metal as it has the cold, dark atmosphere we’re going for along with some really great emotional hooks.  I’m also a big fan of British and German metal and love going to that well for our more melodic songs.

For the electronic side I’ve been listening to more analog synth (and analog synth-inspired) music – lots of Goblin and also John Carpenter’s soundtracks and solo material.  In terms of visuals I draw a lot from manga and horror films as well as dark/surreal visual artists.  For the member’s uniforms I usually go to different genres to try and accentuate their characters – Kakizaki’s image is like something out of a shonen (action) manga like Fist of the North Star.  Sari is usually more horror or gothic – I really like the designs from the Hellraiser films and find a lot of inspiration from the Cenobites.  Hina’s image is closer to the supporting character from a magical girl show, etc.  One of the biggest influences (and one I want to work in more) are the paintings of Zdzisław Beksiński.  I’ve also been catching up on my Jodorowsky films for some upcoming projects.

Q: What are your thoughts about performing in the UK for the first time?

S: London is a city with a really rich music history – it will be interesting to see how people react to the type of music we play in a city with such a diverse background!

R: I was born in London, so its like going back home, haha…  (note: Rei only lived in London for the first few weeks of her life before her parents moved back to Japan)

Q: Earlier this year you released a video for ‘ITHAQUA’. What challenges did you face recording this video and did you enjoy the process?

T: Oh it was SUPER fun (*sarcasm*)

K: My uniform has my midriff exposed and everyone was worried I would be too cold because of that but in the end standing in the snow for so long made my feet even colder than my midriff…

Q: SARI: Can you please tell us more about your look and the inspiration behind your style?

S: I started going to underground dance events when I was in my teens and there were so many people there in shironuri fashion.  I made friends with them and they taught me all about the subculture.  I think that I’m at my most beautiful when I’m in shironuri style…

Q: What was the hardest choreography to learn? – Twitter: @zombieDIEnow 

H: It would have to be SARNATH – we need to move as a group, which is difficult as it is, and a lot of the moves are a few beats after the music which is also tricky.

K: 4.7L is very hard… The lower body step in the chorus is really difficult!

Q: If you could collaborate with any band or idol group, who would you choose and why?

K: X Japan!  A lot of our fans love X Japan and introduced me to them… now I’ve become a fan myself!

W: The dream would be to collaborate with John Carpenter on a song… that would be beyond amazing.  I’d love to do something with Karg as well!  Another dream would be to open for Ghost or Kvelertak, haha…

Please share a message for your UK and European fans. 

K: We’re so excited to share a little bit of the NECRONOMIDOL world with you!
S: There are no language barriers with dance and singing so I’m sure you’ll have no problem enjoying our show!
R: We’re so thankful for the awesome opportunity to come and meet you all!  We hope you’ll get to know us a bit more through our European tour!
H: I’m excited to see you all face to face!
T: We’ll be sure to make our show in London an “Expecto Patronum night” for everyone!  Thank you for reading our interview!

Thanks to ORION Live & Ricky Wilson for this opportunity.