BRIDEAR return to the UK & Europe with ‘The Silver Lining Tour’ this September / October! The quintet from Fukuoka are ready to rock your world again and for those witnessing BRIDEAR for the first time, you won’t be disappointed with their explosive live performance!

While we wait for BRIDEAR’s imminent arrival, discover more about their musical icons, dream collaborations and freezing cold video shoots!

Q. Which countries are you most excited to visit on your upcoming tour?


KIMI: I’m excited to go to UK because it is (London) the home town of David Bowie and Punk Rock music.

Mitsuru: If I was to say, it is the UK.

Misa: Definitely UK!  I love the music there. My English teacher is from the UK and he taught me a lot about the UK.

Haru: UK and Hungary because we are visiting for the first time.

Kai: I’m so happy to go to the UK. I want to visit the real-life locations of my favourite Anime there. I’m also looking forward to coming back to the venues we’ve played before.


Q. What are your memories recording your music video for ‘Ignite’? Did you enjoy the video shoot?


Misa: It was super cold…I really needed to ‘ignite’!

KIMI: I was lucky because I was wearing my jacket.

Mitsuru: The shoot was really fun and we tried new effects for the first time.

Haru: I felt like I was running a marathon. It was a really cold Winter’s day, but I was hot because of that.


Q. Which of your tracks is the most challenging to perform live?


Kai: I can’t choose…There are so many difficult tracks to play!

Misa: Most of our tracks are challenging but we are having fun playing them!

Mitsuru: I personally feel that ‘Traces of Tears’ is the most challenging. I found it difficult to express the worldview of this song.


Q. If BRIDEAR could collaborate on a track with any band (Japanese or worldwide), who would you choose?


KIMI: I choose Aerosmith. I would be very happy if I could play with them.

Mitsuru: I choose Avenged Sevenfold! I could die if I collaborated with them!

Misa: I’d like to collaborate with Kero Kero Bonito! They are from the UK but are playing J-Pop. I was very surprised at their concept.

Kai: Well, I don’t have any bands I want to collaborate with right now, but it is one of my dreams to play with an Orchestra someday.


Q. What advice would you give to aspiring female musicians?


Misa: Follow your dreams!

KIMI: I believe working hard will give you something you want. Don’t forget to cover our songs!

Mitsuru: Find something only you can do.


Q. Which bands or artists inspire you as individual musicians?


KIMI: I like to listen to HELLOWEEN, IN FLAMES, SEX MACHINEGUNS, Janne Da Arc and X JAPAN. I also listen to J-Rock often.


Misa: Well…I was inspired by many types of music so I cannot tell you all, but recently I like to listen to Polyphia, Issues and Periphery. I also love UK Pop music like Years & Years and Tom Misch.

Haru: Visual-Kei is a great influence on me. I started listening to rock music with Janne Da Arc. Recently I like Versailles and the GazettE. I also like to play anime songs.

Kai: I like Tomoyasu Hotei, Takui Nakajima, ACIDMAN,THE BACKHORN.


Q. What can fans expect at your September / October shows?


Misa: I’m so happy to come back to Europe again. I think our performances are getting more and more powerful and energetic, so I hope the shows will be more lively!

KIMI: Since this is our third time, I hope that we can share a ‘feeling of oneness’ more than the last time.

Mitsuru: Indeed. I want to focus on causing a ‘sense of unity’, not just playing accurately.


Q. Please share a message for your UK and European fans.


KIMI: Thank you so much for knowing and supporting us. I’m really looking forward to the Tour! See you in the venue.

Mitsuru: I’m so happy that I can go to Europe three times! I will do my best to give you my best performance!

Misa: I’m so grateful for your support. We love you!

Haru: I was so excited to go to the UK when I heard the news that we’re playing a gig there. I just can’t wait!

Kai: It’s really amazing that European people are enjoying our music even though we live far away,

Let’s rock!


Thanks to Misa and BRIDEAR for this opportunity. Check out the bands official website for the full September / October Tour schedule!