Lovebites, a five-piece all-female outfit, is undoubtedly one of the most promising rising stars of Japan’s metal scene.  Having listened to overseas heavy metal greats growing up, the band’s writing has been directly influenced by them.  Coupled with their own unique take on music, everything has culminated into forging a truly formidable group with a deep heavy metal sonic structure that features powerful twin guitars, crystal clear vocals, and a tight rhythm section.

Lovebites’ first EP was released in May, 2017 in Japan followed by European/North American releases in August.  Their debut album Awakening from Abyss will be simultaneously released in different territories in October, 2017.

Hyper Japan Christmas are proud and excited to host their very first overseas performance on the HYPER Live Stage!! Expect a powerful performance as these talented women tear apart the stage with their insane skills!

Are you ready to rock with LOVEBITES?? Don’t miss them at the Hyper Japan Christmas event, 24th – 26th November, Tobacco Dock, London!