With this being the groups first live performance outside of Japan, LOVEBITES couldn’t have asked for a warmer reception from the crowd at this years Hyper Japan Christmas! Fans had the chance to not only witness their earth shattering stage presence once but twice over the weekend with a further live performance at The Underworld, Camden with FEMM a few days later!

An explosive performance of epic proportions kept the crowds energy levels high at Hyper Japan Christmas while Midori & Mi-Ya’s twin guitar riffs soared, enriching the classic sounds of Power Metal while combining a fresh taste for fans to sink their teeth into!

Delve into the world of LOVEBITES as the band share their love of ‘Iron Maiden’ & ‘Star Wars’!

Q. ‘Awakening From Abyss’ features artwork from an illustrator that has worked with ‘Helloween’. How was this opportunity created?

A. MIHO: “Our label is the same as ‘Helloween’ and once we looked at their artwork, we really liked it! Through the label, we offered their artist to create our artwork. It’s a very ‘Metal/Metallic’ jacket and we really like it!”

Q.  You’re influenced by a lot of British Metal bands, what was the musical inspiration behind ‘Awakening From Abyss’?

A. MIHO: “I really like 80’s British Metal such as ‘Iron Maiden’. There’s no Japanese all female band creating that type of music, I wanted to put that inspiration and essence into the album.”

Q. MI-YA; You’re a huge fan of ‘Star Wars’ (currently wearing a ‘Star Wars’ beanie). How excited are you for ‘The Last Jedi’??

A. MI-YA: “I can’t wait! I also bought two ‘Star Wars’ t-shirts from HMV in Oxford Street!”

Q. What was the origin behind the band name ‘LOVEBITES’?

A. ASAMI: ” ‘Halestorm’ (American band) have a track called ‘LOVEBITES’!”

Q. How did you decide on your debut album title ‘Awakening From Abyss’?

A. MIHO: “As this is our first album, we wanted to have ‘awakening’ in the title but we also wanted a more Metal ‘taste’ and from a long list of words we chose ‘abyss’!”

Thanks to Hyper Japan Christmas & LOVEBITES for this opportunity.  

‘Awakening From Abyss’ is now available to purchase direct from JPU Records.