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This month, Dave Batey shares his collection, favourite album of 2017 and seeing a dream become a reality with ORION Live!

Q. Which bands / person introduced you to the Japanese music scene?

A. I was aware of Hi Standard, a punk band on Fat Wreck Chords and was aware of the Japanese punk scene although I was mainly into US punk. I really got into the Japanese music scene when I discovered BABYMETAL on YouTube. Ever since then I feel like I have been reborn! I felt music was going stale for me personally and Japanese music totally blows my mind on a daily basis!

Q. ORION Live have recently completed their debut tour with TMS. Can you tell us more about the process behind the scenes? How long did it take from concept to arriving at the bands London show?

A. It took over 6 months from when we were asked to get involved by Marcus to when the tour kicked off. My business partner, Chris handled a lot of the negotiations with the band as he spends a lot of time in Japan and was already friendly with Anne from TMS. Marcus financed the tour whilst I handled the logistics mainly. We worked with local promoters – Alan at Kushikatsu in Birmingham and Paul Woodhead in London for those two shows (They did an awesome job!) and booked Manchester and Oxford ourselves. We also booked Equipment, van hire, hotels, flights and assisted the band with the correct visas etc. I handled the driving and the roadie duties!

Q. What album / artist was the first addition to your Japanese collection?


 Q. Which aspect do you most enjoy about the Japanese music scene?

A. That is an easy one. The brilliant people I have met! Japanese music fans are fantastic. I have made so many great friends from all over the world and it has led to a trip to Japan and many musical adventures with the Usual Suspects!

Q. Which live act would you love to see perform in the UK next year?

A. SCANDAL! I love them.

 Q. Which act blew your expectations out of the water when you saw them live for the first time?

A. Sadistic Mask. They only have a couple of EPs out and when I saw them in Shinjuku I did not know what to expect. Their live performance was insane!

Q. If you could join any Japanese band, who would you choose and why?

A. Cantoy, I saw them in Shibuya and Catherine made me the third member lol. He said I could play guitar with them next time I go. I am a terrible guitar player so I wouldn’t insult them by subjecting the world to my playing, but it was a lovely gesture. Cantoy are an amazing live band.

Q. What is your most prized possession in your music collection?

A. I have a lot of signed stuff and I love all of it, but my most treasured possession is definitely my Haruna (SCANDAL) Skullsilver guitar!

Q. What is your favourite Japanese album of 2017?

A. That is so difficult to answer. I love ‘Just Bring It’ by BAND-MAID, ‘Awakening from Abyss’ by LOVEBITES and ‘Naked’ by Oz Ram Indio (so sad they are splitting up), but I would go for ‘Abnormal’ UK Edition by Mutant Monster.

Thanks to Dave for sharing his experiences and awesome collection!

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