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This month, Adam Mitchell discusses his passion for Japanese culture including a social media campaign, aiming to increase awareness of Yukika and hoping to get her on the bill at this July’s Hyper Japan event!

Q. Which bands / person introduced you to the Japanese music scene?

A. Well, at the start it was through Anime that I got into Japanese Music, I joined an anime forum called ‘Otaku Center’ (I don’t think it’s around anymore) and I posted a thread about Japanese rock and metal bands (I’ve always been into rock and metal from a young age) Quite a few people mentioned Dir En Grey so I gave them a listen. The first song I listened to was ‘Cage’ from their 1999 album ‘Gauze’ and I thought it was great, so it started from there really. I also want to thank Dave Batey for introducing me to other bands and acts such as Mutant Monster and Yukika, who have become some of my favourites!

Q. What album / artists were the first addition to your Japanese music collection?

A. That’s a hard one… I can’t quite remember… I wasn’t big into importing from Japan at the time, oh wait! I remember, it was BABYMETAL’s ‘Live at Budokan’ CD. I imported that one, I was really into BABYMETAL in 2014, I still am, but that’s when I first got into them, so yeah, it was that one ! Well, physical releases anyway, I do the digital music thing too, but nothing beats a physical CD!

Q. Which aspects do you enjoy most about the Japanese music scene?

A. It’s a bit cliché to say this right ? But it’s the fans, especially the UK fans, honestly some of the most passionate people around. Every time I go to see a Japanese band perform, I always see the same faces at the show (Something of an in-joke between us).

I’ve also met some of the bands themselves and what’s great about that is you can tell that they are genuinely so happy that you like their music, and that makes me happy. I bumped into Meana, Be and Chad from Mutant Monster and I ended up seeing them 3 times in a week and guess what? It was the same faces at every show!

Q. Which live act would you love to see perform in the UK this year?

A. Easy one, Yukika! I’ve even got a ‘Yukika For Hyper Japan’ campaign going on social media (which she had become aware of !) Anyone who has seen her perform or listened to her music knows she would be perfect for that event!

Q. Which act blew your expectations out of the water when you saw them live for the first time?

A. That would have to be Touch My Secret, they put so much emotion and power into their live shows! I managed to see them twice on their U.K. tour last year and even got to interview them for my podcast ‘The All Japan Show’.  They are three of the loveliest people I’ve ever met (Anne, the lead singer and guitarist, even wished me Happy Birthday before their show at The Cellar in Oxford!)

Q. If you could join any Japanese band, who would you choose and why?

A. Mutant Monster!  They are so fun to watch live and again such lovely people. Hey Chad, if you need a back up drummer for the Electric Six tour, let me know, haha!

Q. What is your most prized possession in your music collection?

A. That would have to be the snare drum head that Louie (Touch My Secret’s drummer) gave to me in Oxford. Being a drummer myself that meant a real lot to me, also the signed poster that they wrote ‘Happy Birthday’ on.

Q. What is your most anticipated upcoming release?

A. The new Band-Maid album ‘World Domination’! I think I’m one of the very few who didn’t listen to the samples of the new songs they released online. It’s going to be a big task to follow up their last record ‘Just Bring It’ but Band-Maid never fail to deliver, so I’m very confident!

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