Hey everyone!

KAKKOII CLUB may have been running since July 2015 but I believe this is my first ever blog post that wasn’t a ‘latest news’ update! There’s never a better time to start than with the present!

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for your continued support; liking and sharing the content I’ve been creating on KAKKOII CLUB to date, it’s greatly appreciated! I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, didn’t he just revise the logo / website recently?” Yep! I’m always looking to see which areas I can improve and hopefully continue your enjoyment of the content I post on KAKKOII CLUB.

Since Christmas I’ve had a lot going on behind the scenes and there was a time when I did think I wouldn’t be able to continue with KC due to other commitments. The recent down time I’ve had has enabled me to have a look at the website with fresh eyes and I’d like to share with you my revised plans moving forwards.

Q. What’s with the new logo design?

A.  When looking at KAKKOII CLUB, I really wanted to focus my efforts into the segments I enjoy the most, instead of having many features that can become time consuming and potentially not as fun when creating those types of content. Live photography and the interviews I’ve had with various artists over the past two years have always been the most enjoyable and this will be the primary focus of KAKKOII CLUB moving forwards. Rest assured, the content will still remain within the recently updated coverage of J-ROCK, PUNK & METAL. The revised logo is the vision moving forwards, focusing on live photography first and foremost.

Q. Which items have been added?

A. This is the start of a new ‘Blog’ segment. I’m hoping to add articles about bands I’ve recently discovered, ‘behind the scenes’ style posts and more over the coming months! If there’s something you like me to cover, as always, please get in touch! The recently added ‘Community’ feature will continue, as I believe you, the fans with your enthusiasm and dedication to your favourite acts is something so powerful, it’s really interesting to document your stories and fan experiences! ‘Special Events’ segment has also been created which may feature ‘behind the scenes’ style shoots or additional content in the future.

Q. Which items have been removed?

A. As you might imagine, trying to keep up with the latest news (especially during busy periods) can be difficult. I know there are many J-Rock news focused websites out there already and I don’t believe this is a type of content I need to cover (and re-post the same news) moving forwards. However, I will share and re-post news from relevant bands / record labels via Twitter.

Q. What content will I see on your Twitter feed if you’re removing the news articles?

A. I’ll be retweeting content from Japanese artists while they’re travelling through the UK, posting the latest ‘blog’ updates, posting new band videos and more. The content might not be posted daily as you’ve come to expect with the news articles but items will be posted and shared on a regular basis.

Q. Which events will you be covering?

A. This doesn’t really change in my opinion. Still focusing on J-ROCK, PUNK & METAL shows (where access allows) and of course Hyper Japan (both the Summer and Christmas events – with site appropriate coverage only).

I hope this has helped to clarify KAKKOII CLUB moving forwards and many thanks in advance for your continued support!

Warren Smith – KAKKOII CLUB