Release date: 21st February 2018

Twitter: @dayglotheband



‘Bad Kicks’ is the latest offering from Tokyo based quartet DYGL and kicking things off with a Punk infused opening is a sweet way to start! Combining elements reminiscent of The Clash, The Vaccines & The Undertones while adding their own raw licks and cutting guitar riffs. DYGL have created a foot tapping anthem that will make you wish you were at the front row of a sweaty gig, pogoing around and living in the moment. ‘Bad Kicks’ is a short and simple formula that delivers more than a punch during it’s two and a half minute run that concludes on a wave of fast paced riffs and distortion.

‘Hard to Love’ allows you to catch your breath with a more placid track, driven by an acoustic guitar and a Britpop influenced vibe. Just when you’ve got your head around the difference in style, ‘Hard to Love’ picks up the pace briefly, leaving the hand clapping behind in return for a shift in heavier drumming and aquatic guitar riffs.

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