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ROA are an upcoming rising star of the alternative Shamisen rock scene! Their straightforward melody perfectly matches with the sound of Shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument. Clearly, they are not one of these bands who awkwardly combine a Shamisen into their music only to say “hey, we are mixing the modern and traditional music!” ROA’s music is born to be in their style!

ROA is a Japanese alternative rock band formed by drummer AKABA, originally a member of Japanese melodic hard core band SNAIL RAMP, who received a No.1 on the Japanese Oricon weekly chart, appearing on TV and radio, playing to a sold out show of 100,000, and stated as the next band in line to Hi-STANDARD.

ROA started in Tokyo, Japan on April 2014, with the concept of “Wayo Settyu”, meaning a blend of Japanese and Western styles, by mixing the sound of guitar rock and Tsugaru Shamisen, one of the best-known Japanese instruments.

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