Release date: 15th March 2018

Twitter: @04LS_nagoya



If you’re looking for a fun, upbeat Punk/Rock fix, look no further than 04 Limited Sazabys latest single!

‘My Hero’ kicks off with a thunderous drumming intro, courtesy of KOUHEI, which launches into a powerhouse of sing-a-long vocals and breakneck speed guitar riffs! ‘My Hero’ is a 2 min 33 roller coaster thrill ride that will have you bouncing around your room at the 2 min 10 mark. A pure melodic, Pop-Punk joy!

‘Yu-Nagi’ quietly explodes into another fine crafted track by 04 Limited Sazabys. ‘Yu-Nagi’ finds its form quickly and with the guitars leading the charge into a riot of a chorus and one hell of a solo that hits new sounds that takes its cues from Rage Against The Machine’s finest, Tom Morello!

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