RELEASE DATE: 11th April 2018


With Misa departing BRIDEAR back in October 2017, fans were curious to see how the groups sound would continue with the loss of their killer guitarist and most importantly, Misa’s vocals. Fast forward to April 2018 and BRIDEAR have released their first mini album ‘Helix’ with a revised line-up but have they maintained the brutal elements that fans have come to expect?

Mini album opener ‘HELIX’ is a short, instrumental track featuring haunting keyboards and echo’s of guitar riffs. The keys are played so quickly, you could interpret the sounds as raindrops and a wave of fresh air after the storm. It’s clear a new sound is on the horizon.

‘Reason For My Life’ quickly bursts into action with KAI’s thunderous drumming and the guitar riffs are still here in force. One thing that is prominent, the throaty vocals of MISA are absent and replaced with dual harmonies which is a fresh dynamic that applies itself to all the tracks on ‘HELIX’.

‘G.A.M.E’ is an album highlight that features waves of distorted guitar sounds and brutal vocals. (I couldn’t locate who the session vocalist was, but I’d love to know which band they are in!!) The chorus is a brutal assault and if you’re not rocking out by now, KAI’s drumming will bring you back in line. The guitar solo’s are jaw dropping and even though the heaviness has taken a fresh new approach, I’m 100% on board.

‘Dear Bride’ (see video above) is dying to be the intro music to a ‘Slice of Life’ anime, the type you’d sing along to every week without fail. The reason why I think this was selected as the lead track from ‘HELIX’ is it’s the perfect showcase to highlight the talented band members skills and it’s the type of crossover track that would appeal to Heavy Rock fans and newcomers alike.

What are your thoughts on ‘HELIX’? Are you enjoying BRIDEAR’S new sound? Share your thoughts in the comments below.