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This month, Amy Crabtree (aka Cakes With Faces) shares her new favourite group: ORESKABAND, discover which Pop/Rock supergroup Amy would love to join and how Amy stumbled across a Japanese version of ‘The Scatman’ while CD shopping in Japan!! 

Q. Which act blew your expectations out of the water when you saw them live for the first time?

A. Otoboke Beaver – they randomly played a small venue in my hometown Coventry on their UK tour. I didn’t really know much about them beforehand but they were so full-on and really put everything into their performance! It was packed and the atmosphere was amazing.

Q. Which live act would you love to see perform in the UK this year?

A. The bands I’d most like to see are broken up now: Ketchup Mania, Berry Roll, Yum Yum Orange or Golbetty, so sadly that’ll never happen! I’d love to see Dempagumi Inc again – I caught them at Hyper Japan and they’re so full of energy. Now they’ve got a new line-up, fingers crossed they’ll start touring abroad again…! I’d also like to see Kemuri (I was in Japan when they came to the UK, gah!).

Q. Have you been able to catch any live gigs during your travels to Japan?

A. No!!! The dates have never quite worked out (sometimes missing gigs the day I fly home, agh!). But I have been CD shopping in Japan – I’d recommend Book Off, it sells secondhand CDs, DVDs, games and books. There are some real bargains – I got the most amazing haul of CDs from ska punk bands for only 280 yen each (less than £2). And you can see rare Japanese editions – I even came across the Japanese version of ‘The Scatman’!!

Q. What / who piqued your interest into the Japanese music scene?

A. At London Comic Con I had a stall next to JPU Records, who played Broken Doll constantly throughout the show. Despite hearing them on repeat for 3 days I still enjoyed listening to them! My favourite music is ska punk – there aren’t very many new Western bands in that genre, so discovering Japanese ska bands has brought back that feeling of excitement when you find new music you love.

Q. Have you discovered a new Japanese act recently that you can’t stop listening to?

A. Oreskaband, an all-girl ska band. I’ve got ‘Free Now’ and ‘Hands Up Girls’ on repeat; I could listen to them all day quite happily. Full of positivity and you can tell they’re having so much fun in the videos!

Q. If you could join any band, who would you choose and what instrument would you play?

A. SCANDAL because they have so many good songs, and they’re so cool! They’re like the Japanese female version of Green Day, and I love them for it. I’d take Tomomi’s place on bass so I could sing my fav song ‘Konnya wa Pizza Party’!

Q. What album / artist was the first addition to your Japanese collection?

A. Broken Doll – Reach for the Sky (yes, I bought the CD after listening to them for 3 days at comic con!). I’ve since seen them live several times in the UK – you might remember their Sailor Moon cover at Hyper Japan, but their original songs are even better. They also have a fashion brand and I’ve been to their shop in Tokyo – just like them, it’s so colourful!

Thanks to Amy for contributing this month! If you’d like to share your merch, fan stories or just your love of Japanese music, please get in touch via the Contact page.