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SOURCE: Otoboke Beaver’s Facebook page. 

The name of our new drummer is ‘Kahokiss‘! Nice to meet you! Season 2 is coming soon! Here’s some statements from the band and KahoKiss:

Thank you for waiting. A new drummer has joined Otoboke Beaver. Her name is “KahoKiss”. She is a junior of our university music club. She is a very powerful, unique and attractive woman. We cannot think about anybody else but her. She told us that she will fight with us as a member of Otoboke beaver.

We want to grow with her to be more powerful band. Please look forward to our live show. Cheer for us!

This is comments from Kahokiss.

Hi everyone. Nice to meet you! My name is Kahokiss, and I’m going to play drums in Otoboke Beaver from this July. Its my real pleasure and honored to be a part of Otoboke Beaver.

As stated above, we all met in a music circle in college. There was a time we jammed together once back then, and i remember having a blast playing music with them.  So now that i think of it, its like my wish finally came true!

I feel a bit of pressure now but more than that, I’m so stoked for an new adventure with Otoboke Beaver! I’ll give it my best shot so everyone stay tune on our new chapter! See you at our next show!


Otoboke Beaver have also announced a number of gigs coming up in Japan (in case you’re heading out soon!) and are as follows:

7/23(MON) Kyoto Sai-in Nega-Posi
8/4(SAT) Kyoto Kasuga-kindergarten
8/25(SAT) Hyōgo Sanda Athletic “ONE MUSIC CAMP”
8/26(SUN) Kyoto Nijo Nano
9/2(SUN)Tokyo Odaiba”Summer monsters”
10/26(FRY)〜28(SUN)Kyoto KBS hall & Club Metro”Borofesta”

I can’t wait to see the new line up in the UK in the near future!