Thanks to a number of fans from around the world that have been championing YUKIKA and pleading with the HYPER JAPAN Festival organisers to add her to the bill, this dream became a reality at this Summers event!

YUKIKA took her stage name in 2015 and has already completed a ‘USA live street tour’ in 2017 with HYPER JAPAN Festival being YUKIKA’S live debut in the UK. Friday at HYPER JAPAN saw the fans turn out in force, all wearing specially printed T-Shirts in honour of YUKIKA and she was welcomed on stage by an energetic crowd, all ready to give their all during her 30 minute set.

Check out my interview below and YUKIKA’s  HYPER JAPAN Festival live photo gallery above!

Q. How did you learn to play the guitar?

A. “My guitar skills are not very good but I taught myself. I have been learning for the past four years.”

Q. How was your first UK performance at HYPER JAPAN Festival?

A. “It was very fun!! The T-Shirts were a nice surprise, it made me very happy!”

Q. Did you enjoy your time performing in L.A. last year?

A. “Every day is good weather and the people were always smiling! There is a lot of music, every day, everywhere in L.A.! I played on the streets and many people watched me play and bought my CD.”

Q. Tell us more about your upcoming music video which you’re filming in the UK!

A.  “I will take a music video in London and Birmingham for a track off my new mini album ‘Who I Am’.”

Q. What was your inspiration behind writing  ‘Who I Am’?

A. “I wanted to make a Rock music album. The music comes first before the lyrics and it can take between three minutes to one week to write each track.”

Q. What is it like when you see foreign fans at your live performances in Japan?

A. “I was very surprised and very happy!”

Q. Which countries would you like to visit and perform in the future?

A. “Korea! Korean fashion is best for me! I want to try and go to Korea! Paris, France and Switzerland also!”

Q. Do you have a message for your UK fans?

A. “Most of the YUKIKA friends in the UK have met only on YouTube or SNS, so I was very happy to see them! Everyone was so powerful and wonderful. I definitely want to come back and see you again!”

Thanks to HYPER JAPAN Festival, YUKIKA & ORION Live for this opportunity.