THE SIXTH LIE is an electronic rock band formed by Arata (Vo), Reiji (Gt&Pg) and Ray (Dr) in May 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. Their band name comes from the words “Art is the most beautiful of all lies” by French composer Claude Debussy and is related to them wanting to create a lie so beautiful it can’t be expressed with words or five senses.

The rock trio made a welcome return to the HYPER JAPAN Festival after their storming debut at last Summers event! Energy levels were high as vocalist Arata got the crowd pumped and jumping along to their unique style of electronic rock.

Check out THE SIXTH LIE’s HYPER JAPAN Festival live photo gallery above!

Q.  How would you compare your performance this year to your UK debut in 2017?

A. Arata: “I was less nervous than last year and we wanted to make it [the performance] better than last year! It turned out to be better than last year, there were more people and it was so fun!”

A. Ray: “Our first overseas show was in London, we’ve also played in Germany and France too but as London was the first place we ever played [overseas], it feels like coming home!”

Q.  Congratulations on the success of ‘Hibana’ which featured in the Spring anime ‘Golden Kamuy’. Was it really as cold as it looked while filming the MV?

A.  Arata: “Yes! Really cold! It took two days to film.”

A. Ray: “I was wearing these clothes [Ray points to his sleeveless vest top], it was really cold! It was ok when I was playing drums but there were some scenes when we’re not playing instruments, just walking around. Especially the night scenes, it was very cold!”

Q. What was your creative process for ‘Hibana’?

A. Ray: “We read the ‘Golden Kamuy’ manga, Reiji wrote the song and I wrote the lyrics. The anime features life and death, so he wrote the track in a nostalgic style. It has a lot of ups and downs.

Q. Now that you’ve travelled to a variety of European destinations, have you seen a difference between European and Japanese crowds and reactions to your live performances?

A. Ray: “Yes, Japanese audiences are very shy and jump a little. Overseas fans have amazing passion and jump alot! It feels great to perform to overseas audiences!

Q. Which aspects of London have you most enjoyed during your visit?

A. Arata: “I like the architecture of London.”

A. Reiji: “I like King’s Cross Station!” [Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 feature]

Q. What was it like being on the line up with Slipknot at Knotfest Japan in 2016?

A. Arata: “There were a lot of bands that we really respect! I was really nervous but it was a great experience!”

A. Ray: “Reiji and I love metal music. When Reiji learnt the guitar, the first track he covered was by Slipknot.  It was [Knotfest] a great experience for us!”

Q. Are you currently working on creating new material?

A. Arata: “We don’t have anything decided as of yet but we’re making new songs all the time.”

Q. Please share a message for your UK fans.

A. Ray: “We were able to come last year, this year and hopefully next year too!”

A. Arata: “London is home for THE SIXTH LIE. We want to come back next year too!”

Thanks to THE SIXTH LIE,  Jenni for translating and HYPER JAPAN Festival for this opportunity.