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The opening of ‘UU’ condenses a two hour epic movie soundtrack into a 10 second, sliced and diced presentation of tense strings and horn sections that are rapidly cooled by the ‘Disney-esque’ flutes that follow. It’s this unusual introduction that first caught my attention and I’m immediately fascinated by the samples that are featured including a few lines of dialogue from what sounds like a classic movie yet difficult to distinguish.

‘UU’ quickly evolves into a fresh RnB track that incorporates elements of chillhop and features more random movie words of dialogue including: “light”, “dark”, “fish”, “water,” “sink”, “chair” etc. This audio shift throws you off balance but only fuels my inquisitive need to know where these audio clippings have been sampled from and how they relate to ‘UU’!

This is Friday Night Plans second single release on Spotify after the recent success of ‘Happy Birthday’ (currently at 67,533 plays at time of writing).  ‘UU’ follows a cinematic structure that not only sets the scene but also features tempo changes that reflects the narrative.

As we progress to the three minute marker, ‘UU’ becomes a darker, edgier track with a heavier, thicker bass rhythm lined with distorted backing vocals. ‘UU’ is not scared to break down genres, while taking the listener on a journey outside of their comfort zone.