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ENJOY Sugoi Festival – Part II

Scala, London. Sunday 18th November 2018

“Tricot are masters of their craft and tonight proves that!”

Every so often there’s a live performance that not only moves you but completely captivates you throughout the set and beyond. Tricot take to the stage accompanied by a thunderous cheer of anticipation and excitement from tonight’s audience, as guitarist Motoko Kida plays the opening chords of ‘on the boom’ and the bass lines from Hiromi Sagane warm my ears, there’s definitely something in the air tonight and a supercharged performance awaits!

For those in attendance, we really were treated to a masterclass in live performance. Motoko Kida gives 400% energy and when she’s not skanking around the stage or raising the audiences enthusiasm and enjoyment levels to match her own, Motoko’s precision on every note, chord and riff is pin sharp and well executed. Ikumi Nakajima is just as memorising to watch, especially during ‘アナメイン’ (Anamein), where her vocal range can really be appreciated. A ‘dream like’ calming and soothing vocal which hits all the high notes and completely hypnotises tonight’s attentive audience.

Each member really adds their own touch and finesse throughout tonight’s set which clocks in at just over an hour and yet leaves the audience fulfilled and eagerly wanting more in equal measures. Tricot are masters of their craft and tonight proves that! Bassist Hiromi Sagane bounces from her left to right feet taking centre stage and takes the opportunity to charge at the audience with her feet peering over the stage edge as the front row enjoy a close up of her talents and the smiles on the fans faces says it all.

To call tonight’s set ‘polished’ would be a huge disservice. To witness Tricot live, really is quite something & the energy between the quartet is way beyond ‘close’. Each member is 100% in sync with each other and at times when they are awaiting their queues from drummer Yuusuke Yoshida, the tense frozen-like moments engages the audience waiting for the drums or riffs to kick back in, which keeps the band and audience on their toes in anticipation.

One of tonight’s many highlights was ‘おちゃんせんすぅす’ (Ochansensu-su), as each chord is cleanly executed, Motoko, Hiromi & Ikumi raise their arms to the sky simultaneously which adds an artistic flair to their incredible soundscape and jaw dropping performance.

Tonight’s Tricot performance will be one I and many others in attendance will treasure until the next time the quartet grace the UK shores once more. They have the riffs, the magic and stage presence to absorb you into their world and quite frankly, I was a little disappointed to snap out of it when leaving the venue and returning to normality.



With thanks to Jamie Otsa at Wall of Sound PR.