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OSLO, London. Wednesday 21st November 2018


As I enter the venue, a number of fans are already in line waiting to secure their place centre stage, with many already catching MUTANT MONSTER several times during this tour. Some fans have even flown from overseas to catch MM live which really speaks volumes about the devotion and passionate fans that MM have obtained since they made their mark back in 2016!

It’s been a busy week for Japanese music fans in the UK (not that we’re complaining!) MUTANT MONSTER had a string of UK dates, HYPER JAPAN Winter and BAND-MAID took place over the same weekend and tonight sees a gig clash between Metal heavyweights LOVEBITES appearing at O2 Academy Islington, while MUTANT MONSTER take on Hackney. While we waited for the doors to open, I asked a few of the fans about tonight’s gig clash but there wasn’t a moments hesitation, it was always going to be MUTANT MONSTER all the way tonight!

Tonight’s show is the final event of MUTANT MONSTER’s EU & UK Tour which kicked off in Hamburg on the 7th November and concludes at the Oslo, London. While the trio took on the EU, UK and appearances at HYPER JAPAN Winter during this run of dates, the girls are in great form and on stage energy remains high as always! The leg kicks are here and the smiles on BE, MEANA & CHAD’s faces show how happy they are to be back and performing in London!

There’s plenty of time for tonight’s audience to get fully involved with MUTANT MONSTER’s set as the trio perform a variety of tracks from their impressive catalogue including ‘Parallel World’, sing-a-long inducing ‘Bub-Bub-Bubble’ & their latest albums title track ‘NEKOKABURI’, which leads MEANA to say: “It’s time to get your dancing shoes on!” before MEANA and BE stand on a flight case to grab the fans attention and keep the energy levels high! Fists are raised to the sky while fans chant along while MEANA’s riffs and BE’s chugging bass drives the fans onward.

The full set was a fast paced, breakneck speed which barely let the trio catch their breath before they blasted into the next track! This trio never dissapoints and the fans didn’t want the gig to come to a close! Once MUTANT MONSTER completed their encore, one fan shouted “two more songs…two more songs!!” With the tour being a huge success and a small selection of merch left on offer, fans queued and snapped up what they could with many taking photos with their favourite trio to commemorate another memorable performance!

One thing is for certain, tonight’s crowd will be raring to go as soon as the next UK/EU tour is announced! Until then, we still have plenty of time to soak up and enjoy ‘NEKOKABURI’ to it’s fullest!