If you’ve been following the latest posts on the groups Official Instagram, you would’ve been treated to a little ‘behind the scenes’ action in the form of photos from recent video shoots and recording sessions for both ‘Masterpiece’ & ‘Mabataki’!

As we gradually edge closer to the upcoming release date (27th March) & the groups debut release via their new label ‘her’, the quartet recently shared a teaser for ‘Masterpiece’ which definitely has a more punchy and edgier sound than what we’ve heard recently but fear not, the catchy chorus still remains & fans are already hyped about the upcoming release!

Check out the 30 second teaser below and find pre-order links here.

SCANDAL have also just announced the ‘Fuzzy Summer Mood’ Tour which will take place during June / July in Japan. UK & European fans will have to hold out a little longer before getting their wish of tour news!