I’m not one for partying and staying up late on New Years Eve. To be honest, I barely get past 12 and normally call it a night but this year was different. I didn’t end up getting to bed until 2.30am, something was definitely different and it had me excited!

It may have been NYE but I don’t drink much these days, so it definitely wasn’t the ‘alcohol kick’ that was fuelling my spirits! I felt a renewed energy as 2019 came to a close and 2020 was on the horizon, I was ready to hit the ground running! This had me thinking about what I’d like to achieve in 2020. I don’t like putting too much pressure on myself but I always like to have a few goals in mind to keep me focused and have something to aim towards in the year to come.

As midnight came and went, I couldn’t sleep, I was like a kid trying to sleep on Christmas Eve! Way too much energy to even think about nodding off! I grabbed my headphones and cranked up the J-ROCK tunes from some of my favourite artists and kicked off 2020 in my own style.

I remember updating the Event Calendar towards mid December and thinking: “2020 is off to a flying start with AliA and FATE GEAR announcing gigs in Jan and Feb! What a way to start the year!” I’ve got a good feeling about 2020 and it’s looking likely SCANDAL will finally return to the UK later this year and to be able to photograph their live set again would be the icing on the cake!


I’ve already made contact with a few acts / promoters in regards to photographing upcoming shows and to be honest, this is always the most difficult part of what I do. Trying to contact the band or associated promoters can lead to no replies which is incredibly frustrating, as all we [photographers] would like to do is help promote their live shows in the UK and give the band photos they can share with their fans back home.

I guess it’s down to language barriers in that sense which doesn’t make life easy and sometimes trying to get a hold of a contact name or associated promoter is like finding a needle in a haystack! However, I do try my best. Sometimes, I’ll get lucky and get a response straight away, for other acts sometimes no response at all which is always disappointing but then I start to shift my focus on to the next gig.

Following on from my experiences in 2019, I was blown away by NECRONOMIDOL at both HYPER JAPAN and their own headline show at The Underworld. I’d like to continue to experience new acts in 2020 and I can’t wait to check out AliA and see FATE GEAR headline their own show shortly!

2019 also gave me the chance to shoot MUTANT MONSTER in a new venue – O2 Academy2 Islington. A smaller venue with very few optimal angles. However, I still got a handful of good shots and even gained a few valuable pointers for similar venues in the future, in terms of camera settings. Every gig is a valuable learning tool and helps me plan (as much as I can) towards the next gig.


With a fresh and vibrant energy bringing me into 2020, I’m ready to fire on all cylinders – more so than ever before!

I’m ready 2020, let’s see what you’ve got in store…