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Author: Kakkoii Club

THE SIXTH LIE return to HYPER JAPAN this July!

Open in Spotify After THE SIXTH LIE made their international debut at the HYPER JAPAN Festival in 2017, the trio are returning for this July’s event at Olympia! THE SIXTH LIE is an electronic rock band formed by Arata (Vo), Reiji (Gt&Pg) and Ray (Dr) in May 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. Their band name comes from the words “Art is the most beautiful of all lies” by French composer Claude Debussy, and is related to them wanting to create a lie so beautiful it can’t be expressed with words or five senses. Their music is inspired by the leading...

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 RELEASE DATE: 11th April 2018 TWITTER: @BRIDEAR_info  With Misa departing BRIDEAR back in October 2017, fans were curious to see how the groups sound would continue with the loss of their killer guitarist and most importantly, Misa’s vocals. Fast forward to April 2018 and BRIDEAR have released their first mini album ‘Helix’ with a revised line-up but have they maintained the brutal elements that fans have come to expect? Mini album opener ‘HELIX’ is a short, instrumental track featuring haunting keyboards and echo’s of guitar riffs. The keys are played so quickly, you could interpret the sounds as...

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Discovering: CHAI

One of my favourite pastimes is discovering new music, especially now as Spotify is adding a number of Japanese artists / playlists on a frequent basis which is encouraging to see! On a routine evening where I’ve already exhausted a recently updated selection of tracks, I begin my weekly journey down the digital rabbit hole to see what treasures I can find! While enjoying the Pop/Rock sounds of Sachie Hiraga & Homecomings, my eyes wonder down the right hand side of the artists profile where I find the ‘related artists’ feature. My eyes suddenly focus on a particular group...

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SINGLE REVIEW: 04 Limited Sazabys ‘My Hero / Yu-Nagi’

Release date: 15th March 2018 Twitter: @04LS_nagoya      If you’re looking for a fun, upbeat Punk/Rock fix, look no further than 04 Limited Sazabys latest single! ‘My Hero’ kicks off with a thunderous drumming intro, courtesy of KOUHEI, which launches into a powerhouse of sing-a-long vocals and breakneck speed guitar riffs! ‘My Hero’ is a 2 min 33 roller coaster thrill ride that will have you bouncing around your room at the 2 min 10 mark. A pure melodic, Pop-Punk joy! ‘Yu-Nagi’ quietly explodes into another fine crafted track by 04 Limited Sazabys. ‘Yu-Nagi’ finds its form quickly and...

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ROA: First live act confirmed for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018!

Open in Spotify ROA are an upcoming rising star of the alternative Shamisen rock scene! Their straightforward melody perfectly matches with the sound of Shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument. Clearly, they are not one of these bands who awkwardly combine a Shamisen into their music only to say “hey, we are mixing the modern and traditional music!” ROA’s music is born to be in their style! ROA is a Japanese alternative rock band formed by drummer AKABA, originally a member of Japanese melodic hard core band SNAIL RAMP, who received a No.1 on the Japanese Oricon weekly chart, appearing on TV...

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