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Author: Kakkoii Club

Taste Test: Mike Butter Soy Popcorn

For those of you that have already subscribed to Oyatsu Box, you may recall this particular item from the April edition. It seems it was so much of a hit that their sister site Oyatsu Cafe has been selling additional stock to meet the demand and we were lucky to get our hands on a bag before they sold out! While we wait (semi-patiently) for our first subscription box to arrive, we went ahead and ordered a few items from Oyatsu Cafe to tease our tastebuds. The initial idea of buttered, Soy popcorn drew my attention as much as the vibrant packaging...

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Accessing music from your favourite Japanese artists.

Ok, let’s say you’ve just got back from Hyper Japan and you’ve now fallen in love with a band or artist and you’ve got no idea where to find their music online. After the panic sets in, you immediately turn to Google. You locate the bands website (with a little help from Google Translate) but the postage costs and the 2-3 week shipping may dampen your spirits. Where do you turn to next? Well, hopefully we can help! Below is our current list (to which we’ll be adding to if we find any other sources) of the best ways to locate...

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EP REVIEW: Taffy ‘Darkle’

It might seem that Taffy have been out of the limelight for a while but their last release (Plus +++) was only released in June 2014. There’s something magical in Taffy’s formula. It’s their fresh take on the Britpop sound with Iris’s dreamy vocals and crunchy, distorted guitars that make your feet tap and ever curious to see what this foursome will create next. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long. ‘Darkle‘ will please the ears of current fans and newcomers alike. They have carried on with their Britpop-esque tones with a matured sound. Opener ‘Suicidal Bunny’ (also featured...

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LIVE MUSIC: Rio Hiiragi

One of our highlights from this years Hyper Japan, was the live music. Even though there was a mixed reaction to the venue choice (The O2), Building Six was a perfect venue for live music. Not only did we get to see a lot of fantastic artists close up within an intimate concert setting, Rio displayed a fun and energetic set! Being described as an up and coming J-Pop star, we had to check out Rio’s set and we weren’t disappointed! Rio was a powerhouse of energetic dance moves & combining audience participation (you’re lucky if you see a few...

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OYATSU BOX: Before we receive our first box!

*Before we continue, we’d like to point out that we have not been paid to feature this specific box. We have paid for this ourselves and at the request of our stomachs!* After returning from our second year visiting Hyper Japan, it was clear that my rendezvous with the Takoyaki stand wasn’t a coincidence and my intrigue and love of Japanese food was about to surge! Once I returned home it wasn’t long before I started to research how easy it would be to satisfy my stomach (and my wallet) to try something new and exciting. Not only is the packaging...

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