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Author: Kakkoii Club

Taste Test: Pokemon Ramen – Soy

  We have to admit, it took us a while to get our strength up to remove the packaging & enjoy the contents of this Soy Ramen edition! Once you peel back the lid, the waft of Ramen will have you drooling in no time. There’s also a selection of stickers to collect with one featured in each pot. If you loved the packaging (like us) remove the noodles first, give the pot a rinse and use it as a pot to store your loose change! (You might be able to smell the Ramen for a good few days...

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Taste Test: Mike Butter Soy Popcorn

For those of you that have already subscribed to Oyatsu Box, you may recall this particular item from the April edition. It seems it was so much of a hit that their sister site Oyatsu Cafe has been selling additional stock to meet the demand and we were lucky to get our hands on a bag before they sold out! While we wait (semi-patiently) for our first subscription box to arrive, we went ahead and ordered a few items from Oyatsu Cafe to tease our tastebuds. The initial idea of buttered, Soy popcorn drew my attention as much as the vibrant packaging...

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New Store: Tokyo Toys

For those people that wish they could visit the London store more often but live a little further up north, good news! Tokyo Toys has announced they’re opening store #2 in Birmingham this August! “We have kept it secret for so long but the excitement finally burst out! We are proud to announce we will be opening our shiny new second TokyoToys, in Birmingham on Corporation street! Its located just 1min walk from the Pallasades ramp, so super easy to find.  Our Grand Opening will of course be full of fun and freebies. Everyone who visits will get a chance to have...

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Accessing music from your favourite Japanese artists.

Ok, let’s say you’ve just got back from Hyper Japan and you’ve now fallen in love with a band or artist and you’ve got no idea where to find their music online. After the panic sets in, you immediately turn to Google. You locate the bands website (with a little help from Google Translate) but the postage costs and the 2-3 week shipping may dampen your spirits. Where do you turn to next? Well, hopefully we can help! Below is our current list (to which we’ll be adding to if we find any other sources) of the best ways to locate...

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