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Author: Kakkoii Club

Kakkoii Club meets The Manipulator aka Den Den!

Kakkoii Club was invited to a special preview event in London’s West End earlier this week to simply witness the impossible! Cafe De Paris was a hive of excitement and anticipation as (four of the seven) The Illusionists (Jamie Raven, Andrew Basso, Colin Cloud & Japan’s own Den Den) wowed and made jaws drop across the unsuspecting audience. We were also lucky enough to chat with Den Den, discovering his origins within magic and his excitement looking forward to spending time in London. Witnessing and responding to the audience’s reaction is as key as executing the perfect performance itself. Den...

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Time for Tea: Hojicha Roasted Green Tea & traditional candy!

Thanks to Yunomi for the above samples for us to review.  Hojicha Roasted Green Tea. Scent: Upon opening the pack, you’re met with a mixture of  a dry roasted / Autumnal scent. Taste: The dry roasted, smooth flavour is bold and delicious. There’s no bitter aftertaste and with this being our first time tasting a roasted green tea, we’ve really enjoyed the flavours packed within and this would make a welcome addition to your green tea collection.     Ariheito crunchy candy:  Black Sesame, Kinako; Matcha & Kinako flavour. These are so good, don’t be surprised if you munch through the packet...

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“Mirai no Neiro” return for HJ Christmas Market!

Mirai no Neiro (Sound of the Future) is a grass-roots volunteer group who aim to introduce Japan’s Vocaloid culture to countries around the world. So far they’re doing a pretty amazing job – having pulled off highly successful unofficial Vocaloid concerts in the US, Germany, Taiwan, Denmark, Switzerland, Mexico and Chile! After their wildly successful first UK performance at last year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, Mirai no Neiro will once again being their A-game to the UK. The world-famous pigtailed girl in green will once again be gracing the stage at Hyper Japan! Fans will be able to watch...

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Japan Matsuri – 19th September 2015

London’s very own festival of Japanese culture! Celebrating 150 years of friendship between Japan & London.  London’s very own festival of Japanese culture – JAPAN MATSURI – returns on Saturday, 19th September 2015 in Trafalgar Square in the centre of the city. A regular fixture now in the London calendar, this annual festival brings people together to enjoy Japanese food, music, dance, and activities for all the family. And it’s FREE! This year Japan Matsuri are celebrating a special anniversary of 150 years of friendship between London and Japan and the story of the Satsuma Students from Kagoshima! There will be a number of special...

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Time for Tea: Yunomi – Hibiscus Tea

Thanks to Yunomi for the free samples! Packaging & Scent: The tea bags are well crafted and are 1/4 full with finely chopped petals. There’s a strong, overpowering scent that’s met with sweet and tangy flavours. Taste: The Hibiscus Tea has a thick bodied flavour & colour, similar to red wine. You’re met with an initial sweet taste followed by a slightly overpowering bitter and dry flavour.  This delayed sourness did spoil our enjoyment of the tea but this is all down to personal taste and preference. The main medical benefit of Hibiscus Tea is its ability to lower blood...

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