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Anxiety at public events

I was inspired to write this blog after reading posts on Twitter relating to the recent #TwitchLDN community meet up. The positive post-event comments from those that had a great time despite their initial nervousness and social anxiety was inspiring and I also wanted to add tips that have helped me over the years.  At the time of writing, we’re just under two weeks away until the HYPER JAPAN Festival kicks off on Friday 13th July! If your anxiety is making you think twice about attending the event (or maybe has stopped you in the past), I hope the...

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Discovering: CHAI

One of my favourite pastimes is discovering new music, especially now as Spotify is adding a number of Japanese artists / playlists on a frequent basis which is encouraging to see! On a routine evening where I’ve already exhausted a recently updated selection of tracks, I begin my weekly journey down the digital rabbit hole to see what treasures I can find! While enjoying the Pop/Rock sounds of Sachie Hiraga & Homecomings, my eyes wonder down the right hand side of the artists profile where I find the ‘related artists’ feature. My eyes suddenly focus on a particular group...

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