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SCANDAL in the house at O2 Academy Islington, London!

From the minute ‘Room No.7’ kicked in, it was clear SCANDAL had returned to conquer London all over again and tonight’s crowd were more than up for the challenge! London’s set would be the bands penultimate show as part of their second visit to Europe in support of their latest album ‘YELLOW’. All band members were on top form and ready to give the crowd 200% and a fan pleasing set including: ‘Your Song (English version)’, ‘DOLL’ & ‘Take Me Out’! One of the evening’s many highlights was during ‘Konya wa Pizza Party’ where someone in the audience had the...

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SHOHJYOTAI: A legend is reborn at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

Witness the rebirth of one of J-POP’s most iconic names of the 1980’s at this year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market as the new line-up of SHOHJYOTAI take to the stage! Though they take their name from a hugely popular band from 30 years ago, these three young girls, the eldest of whom is still only 16, have been making waves in their own right. They recently performed at ChinaJoy 2016 in Shanghai, which is the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition in China. Their musical style takes everything that made their 1980’s namesakes so popular and brings it bang up to...

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Fuki set to Rock HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

Long before BABYMETAL brought female vocalists to the centre stage, Fuki was already making waves in the world of ‘jyo metal’ – a subgenre of ‘J-Metal’ consisting of bands either fronted by a female vocalist or formed entirely of women. Her powerful voice, adorable style, and exciting stage performance has secured her a spot in the ranks of Jyo Metal history! This winter, guests can enjoy a new side of Fuki as she graces the HYPER JAPAN live stage with her poppier solo music. A prolific lyricist, Fuki says that she writes her lyrics as “stories about things or people.” But...

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THE TOMBOYS confirmed to appear at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

If you missed THE TOMBOYS performing in London back in March, don’t worry! You’ll be able to rock out with THE TOMBOYS at this years HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market in November!! Starting life as a SCANDAL cover band in 2011 at the age of 14, the members went by ‘NoName’ and have got to the finals of the annual SCANDAL cover band contest on more than one occasion, winning awards from two members! Nowadays, they perform their own original music as THE TOMBOYS all around Japan and came to the UK earlier this year to record 4 songs produced by...

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The Hoopers headline HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

J-POP sensations The Hoopers will be headlining the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!  It comes at an exciting time for the band, who describe themselves as “eight girls dressed as beautiful boys,” as their debut album is released at the end of September. Cross-gender performing has a long and distinguished tradition in Japan, from men portraying women as onnagata in kabuki theatre through to female performers taking on a male persona in the famous Takarazuka Revue. The Hoopers give this tradition a stimulating twist for a new generation. Their unique appeal lies in the way they combine boyishly acrobatic dancing...

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