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Prepare to get hooked on NETFLIX’S latest series!

Image credits: Fuji Television Network Twelve episodes in and I can’t get enough of NETFLIX’S latest collaboration with Fuji TV; ‘Good Morning Call.’ There’s a great chemistry between the actors and actresses with a really charming storyline which creates a perfect recipe for a fun and entertaining series! You can imagine my shock when I’ve just watched the most recent episode and suddenly realise there’s a two week gap until I can get my next fix of ‘Good Morning Call’!! Well NETFLIX, you’ve come up trumps with this series, so I thought I’d take a wonder through the rest of their...

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Funimation launches in the UK & Ireland!

If you’re a fan of Anime, I’m sure you’ve had your ear to the ground since Funimation initially announced they would be bringing their hugely successful Anime platform to the UK & Ireland in 2016. Sadly, due to a few setbacks, what was meant to be a February launch was soon pushed back into March and with just a few days of March remaining, fans looked doubtful and Funimation (beta) finally launched on 7th April. Has it been worth the wait? Well, there’s an already impressive line-up waiting to quench your thirst for Anime. ‘Psycho-Pass’, ‘Attack On Titan’ & fan...

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Share your love of Ramen!

You may remember earlier this year, I featured an article covering Fanny Chu’s Ramen 2.0 poster sharing her passion for Ramen which received 222 backers on Kickstarter, which hit an incredible total of $11,397 to help fund the project! Fanny returns with a fresh project and if you loved her poster design, this is right up your street! The Ramen Sticker is not only a sticker for Ramen lovers to express how much they love to eat Ramen, it motivates connections between people and encourages conversations that can potentially lead to friendship. Each sticker also includes a themed “Ramen quote” such as those...

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NOT lost in translation – with Emily Johnson.

If you attended the Hyper Japan Christmas Market last year, chances are you may recognise Emily from her translation work throughout the weekends event! Emily is an American currently completing her masters degree in London which features her dissertation in Japanese to English translation. Emily has lived for over two years as an English teacher in Nagoya, Japan and completed a ‘study abroad’ in Osaka. Emily is originally from the East Coast of the United States but spent a year living in Colorado working for a Japan-specialist travel agency. While Emily is super busy finishing up her masters degree, Emily is also currently...

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Please search for ‘3.11’ on Yahoo! Japan.

On the 11th March 2011, at 2:46 p.m., an 8.9 magnitude earthquake takes place 231 miles northeast of Tokyo. (8.9 = original recorded magnitude; later upgraded to 9.0). The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued a tsunami warning for the Pacific Ocean from Japan to the U.S. and about an hour after the quake, waves up to 30 feet high hit the Japanese coast, sweeping away vehicles, causing buildings to collapse, and severing roads and highways. Last year, a total of 2,918,278 people (the number of unique browsers) to search for ‘3.11’ on Yahoo! Japan, was donated equally, dividing the 29,182,780 yen...

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