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Category: Features

Upgrade to Ramen 2.0 with Fanny Chu!

If your New Years Resolution was to eat less…you might want to look away now! Fanny Chu has been super busy behind the scenes creating a jumbo sized poster for Ramen fans! “The Ramen Poster 2.0 will introduce 42 must-try distinctive Ramen recipes in Japan! Not only is the poster filled with delicious Ramen illustrations, this guide will come in handy when preparing for the next Ramen adventure and planning out destinations to try out 42 regional flavours in Japan!” If you love a challenge and Ramen as much as I do, this is a fun way to expand...

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Highlights of 2015: Kakkoii Club’s adventure starts here!

Before I continue, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has visited and supported Kakkoii Club since July 2015. In the short five months that this website has been live, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with: Tokyo Toys: Capturing the fun and excitement during their new store launch in Birmingham. Japan Candy Box: Subscription box review. Japan Matsuri: Being able to get a front row seat photographing the days events and making a lot of new friends throughout the one day festival held at Trafalgar Square. Hyper Japan Christmas Market: Providing us with our ‘Japanese...

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Louise Dendy: From JET Programme to Kobe City PR!

I discovered more about Louise’s passion for Kobe City and her rise from the JET Programme to her current role (PR Specialist) promoting Kobe to non-Japanese people. “I first came to Japan as part of my year abroad at University, where I spent 6 months in Tokyo and 2 weeks in Kobe for a summer course at Kobe University. Then after I graduated, I came back to live in Kobe in 2011 as an ALT then CIR on the JET Programme and was offered my current job in the Kobe City Government, so I’ve been living here for nearly 5...

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Kakkoii Club learns Japanese!

For many of you, the Summer seems like ages ago already and you’re back to studying! Well, we didn’t want you to feel alone so Kakkoii Club dusted off their notepads and decided it was time to learn Japanese! We’ve all picked up a few odd words along the way from watching our favourite series of Anime but we wanted to learn and enjoy more of the Japanese language. Not only  will we be able to pick out more and more phrases from our weekly dose of Anime, we also love a huge selection of J-Pop & J-Rock groups...

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Tofu Cute – The UK Kawaii Shop

If you’ve attended Hyper Japan over the years, there’s no way you could miss the vibrant rainbow colours that emit from the Tofu Cute shop! We spoke to Rosanna Mackney to discuss the possibilities of expanding their brand in the UK & just where do they keep all those Alpacasso’s?! Tofu Cute might be a name you’re familiar with now but their story starts back in 2010 as Rosanna explains: “We saw how the popularity of cute Japanese culture was increasing in the UK and so we formed Tofu Cute ~ the name was chosen after much deliberation because we wanted it to...

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