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HIZAKI’S riffs soar at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

Christmas arrived early at Tobacco Dock, with the presence of a Visual Kei legend: HIZAKI at the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market! With over 20 years experience in the Visual Kei scene and with his adoring fans all screaming out his name before he even took to the stage, HIZAKI’s set was to be a memorable event for all those in attendance over the weekend. HIZAKI took time to address his fans in between songs and played a jaw dropping, riff flying set which had to be experienced live to appreciate HIZAKI’s incredible guitar skills! If this was the first time...

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HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2016: Preview!

HYPER JAPAN, the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, cuisine and cool returns to London’s Tobacco Dock from 25th – 27th November! Now in its 6th year, this event continues to bring a taste of Japanese tradition, modernity and the latest trends! This year’s Christmas Market boasts a variety of performers, special guests, exhibitors, food stalls, creative workshops – and most importantly – plenty of kawaii and kooky gift ideas for the festive season! With less than 2 weeks to go until the main event, check out my guide so you make the most out of your visit! 5....

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HIZAKI confirmed to perform at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

HIZAKI first came to prominence as the beautiful onnagata guitarist of the Visual-Kei band Versailles. The term onnagata originates with traditional Kabuki theatre and refers to a man dressing up as a woman in a theatrical context but Visual-Kei artists like HIZAKI have helped bring that ancient tradition forward into a modern setting. Despite his long flowing hair, impeccable makeup and intricate gowns, HIZAKI is more than just a pretty face. His impressive guitar skills and extensive musical background have landed him a place as one of the most respected Visual-Kei guitarists today! With almost 20 years in the...

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