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MUTANT MONSTER announced for HYPER JAPAN Christmas!

CATCH JPU RECORDS LATEST SIGNING THIS NOVEMBER! For the first time at HYPER JAPAN, MUTANT MONSTER are set to explode on the HYPER LIVE Stage bringing heat, excitement and pure punk power!! Formed in 2008 by sisters BE and MEANA during their first year of high school, later to be joined by drummer CHAD in 2012, MUTANT MONSTER found inspiration from the punk rock sounds, with bands like The Clash, Sex Pistols, and The Ramones even Elvis Presley influencing the band’s creation! In 2016 MM girls were invited to perform at Japan Expo Sud in Marseille, France, MM girls first...

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THE SIXTH LIE confirmed to play HYPER JAPAN Festival!

A CREATIVE EXPLOSION OF EDM AND ROCK AWAITS YOU THIS JULY! THE SIXTH LIE will be performing for the first time ever outside Japan at this summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival! The group’s towering ambition is reflected in their novel naming. Referencing Debussy’s quotation that art is the most beautiful of all lies, the band aim to create a lie so beautiful that it cannot be fully experienced by the five senses. To this end, they combine an eclectic mix of genres ranging from EDM to rock music with stunning live performances to create a truly memorable experience! THE SIXTH...

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Danny Choo to host talks at HYPER JAPAN Festival!

DANNY TO HOST TALKS THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND! Who hasn’t heard of Mirai Suenaga? Originally created by Danny Choo back in 2007 as a mascot to prettify his website , Mirai Suenaga (pronounced “mee-rai soo-eh-na -gah”) has taken the world by storm and is now a massive global phenomenon in her own right! Mirai’s creator; Danny Choo, will be taking to the HYPER Theatre stage together with Mirai in all her glory! Danny will be giving a series of talks on Japan from the viewpoint of a foreign national, and on starting your own business. Danny created Mirai Suenaga (meaning ‘Eternal Future’) and Mirai...

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The Age of Civil Wars: Worldwide debut at HYPER JAPAN Festival!

Yes, a band of fearless warlords are making their way to this summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival but don’t worry, they come in peace! Their mission is to entertain you with their unique musical sound. That’s because The Age of Civil Wars is a mysterious rock band who so far have only appeared in animated form in the two music videos they have released so far. Amazingly, their appearance at HYPER JAPAN will be the first time they’ve ever appeared in the flesh anywhere in the world! The Sengoku Jidai or age of civil wars in Japanese history took place around...

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Keeping it REOL at HYPER JAPAN Festival!

A REAL VISUAL TREAT IN STORE THIS JULY! REOL are a thrilling trio who offer a true treat for the senses. Singer-songwriter Reol supplies unique music, vocals and lyrics including funky rapping, while her collaborator Giga creates the scintillating musical accompaniment, replete with electronic beats and Vocaloid work. The third member of the group, Okiku, produces and directs the stunning videos that accompany their songs to complete the audio-visual experience. All three members of the group had illustrious solo careers before joining together to create REOL and release their debut album, Sigma (∑) in October last year. Reol and...

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