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Category: Hyper Japan

THE HOOPERS turn up the heat at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

THE HOOPERS had the honours of headlining this years HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market and with good reason! This group comprised of eight members, yes eight! At times there was so much action taking place on stage (backflips included!), it was difficult just to focus on one group member! There was plenty instore for attendees of the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, being able to get right up close to the action and their idols but it wasn’t just the fans that got a surprise! During THE HOOPERS explosive dance filled performance which included replica samurai swords, the group stopped mid-set to...

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SHOHJYOTAI: Idol group sparkle at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

If you were hoping to get a glimpse of an Idol group at this years HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, your prayers and Christmas wishes were answered in the form of SHOHJYOTAI!  This duo were a highlight for many of the weekends attendees and it’s easy to see why! Combining their fun on stage presence with energetic choreography and huge smiles, SHOHJYOTAI powered through their thirty minute set without breaking a sweat and kept their fans (new and old) engaged throughout their performance! Relive Saturday’s set in the photo gallery above! Did you catch SHOHJYOTAI’s live performance at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market?? Rate...

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The Tomboys break new ground at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

The live acts throughout this November’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market have all been exceptional but one name that was on everyone’s lips over the weekend was the incredible sounds (and smiles) from The Tomboys! There’s so many reasons why The Tomboys stole the show and the hearts of the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market audience over the weekends event; high levels of energy, catchy choruses and radiant smiles from bassist GG Wakana all combined with a Rock N’ Roll / Punk edge that you couldn’t resist! Post their incredible set, KAKKOII CLUB spoke to the quartet to delve a little deeper into...

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Fuki shines at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

Saturday at the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market was the ONLY place to be last weekend! If you couldn’t get enough of the fantastic live acts, shopping and kawaii stalls on offer, session 2 had plenty in store to quench your thirst for all things Japanese culture! Fans (new and old) of Fuki’s work were treated to an energetic and electric set displayed by Fuki’s dynamic and incredible vocals! With the release of Fuki’s debut solo album titled ‘Welcome!’ earlier this year, spirits and excitement levels were high with an audience ready to rock with their favourite vocalist and a...

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Misaki Iwasa and Hayabusa wow HYPER JAPAN crowd!

Saturday’s coverage of the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market for KAKKOII CLUB opened with a bang! Misaki Iwasa (ex-AKB48) and Hayabusa were both blown away by the sheer amount of love they received from today’s audience. Audience participation played a key role in this morning’s set and the audience didn’t want the performance to end! For many of today’s audience, this was the first time they had heard ‘Enka’ (traditional Japanese ballads) but the style in which it was presented and performed, was displayed in such a way that you couldn’t help but throw your energy and excitement back at the stage...

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