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MM’S TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO THE UK! A little over a year ago, the UK welcomed MUTANT MONSTER and I had the pleasure of taking the trio on a tour around Camden Market (and also losing them in the local Dr. Martens store for a good 45mins!) It’s safe to say nobody wanted that tour to end, including MM, so when Hyper Japan Christmas’s first musical announcement was our beloved Punk trio, the fans couldn’t wait for November to roll around again! I caught up with the band, post performance on the Saturday of the event to discover what MEANA’s worst Christmas...

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She, in the haze: “We try to create more than just sound.”

She, in the haze formed in 2010 and with a musical style reminiscent of early Placebo, this is one trio that requires your attention! If you enjoyed the live performances from THE SIXTH LIE at the HYPER JAPAN Festival earlier this year, She, in the haze could be your new favourite band! Join us as we delve into the trio’s first EP ‘Paranoid’, vocalist Yu-ki’s melancholic vocals and how movie soundtracks have influenced their sound. She, in the haze are: Yu-ki Vocals & guitar, Akihiro Drums, An Keyboards. Q. Please describe the origins of She, in the haze. A. We...

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BRIDEAR discuss dream collaborations, X JAPAN and returning to Europe!

ARE YOU READY TO GO?? BRIDEAR return to the UK & Europe with ‘The Silver Lining Tour’ this September / October! The quintet from Fukuoka are ready to rock your world again and for those witnessing BRIDEAR for the first time, you won’t be disappointed with their explosive live performance! While we wait for BRIDEAR’s imminent arrival, discover more about their musical icons, dream collaborations and freezing cold video shoots! Q. Which countries are you most excited to visit on your upcoming tour?   KIMI: I’m excited to go to UK because it is (London) the home town of David...

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Shironuri style, Metal & dream collaborations with NECRONOMIDOL!

NECRONOMIDOL TAKES ON EUROPE IN STYLE! The quintet recently performed across Europe,  consisting of two dates in Italy, one in the UK and completing their current run in France on the 7th of July. From scrolling through multiple Twitter posts including fan photos, messages of thanks and various live clips on YouTube, it’s clear to see NECRONOMIDOL have left their mark in Europe and fans can’t wait to welcome them back with open arms! Delve into the world of NECRONOMIDOL and discover the origins of their unique style and sound! Key: K – Risaki Kakizaki S – Sari H...

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INTERVIEW WITH DIRECTOR STEPHEN KIJAK. “Stephen Kijak has done an incredible job capturing and compiling the stories, emotion and music into a 93 minute vessel that will satisfy the hunger of X Japan fans and music documentary addicts alike!” You can read my full review of ‘We Are X’ here. ‘We Are X’ is directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Stephen Kijak (Stones in Exile, Scott Walker: 30 Century Man) and sees Stephen breaking new ground as he admits “I had no idea who they were when we started this project!” I wanted to dig deeper into the world of X...

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