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Kakkoii Club meets CROSSFAITH!

Kakkoii Club had the pleasure of chatting with Kenta Koie & Hiroki Ikegawa during their recent ‘Xeno’ European tour! Find out more about Kenta’s dislike for Fish & Chips, the bands recent collaboration with SiM for the ‘Red Bull Air Race’ and more! Did you check out CROSSFAITH during their recent European tour? Share your experiences in the comments...

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Fan Q&A with VAMPS!

Kakkoii Club had the exciting opportunity to interview VAMPS! We had such a fantastic reaction from fans worldwide on Twitter once we broke the news, we decided to include their questions to Hyde & K.A.Z!  Julia, Argentina: “What would be your perfect vacation?” HYDE: Sucking the blood of beautiful girls and sleeping in the casket! K.A.Z: Just to focus on my hobbies, ignoring my cell phone. Snowboarding, shopping, having wonderful meals etc. Unite with everyone in the team to concentrate on doing NO BUSINESS for a certain period! Liz, Chile: “After your collaboration with Apocalyptica, who would you love to work with next?” HYDE:...

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