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Lacroix Despheres confirmed for HYPER JAPAN!

Japan boasts the world’s best Visual Kei bands. Lacroix Despheres take things a step further as a comprehensive art form. Their Rock Operas introducing perfomance elements such as a stage show includes acting and dancing representing the themes of their music, they’re pushing the possibilities of what visual kei can encompass! As well as a classic Visual Kei look and feel, Lacroix Despheres also add classical flavour to the mix. Their music features a symphonic, fully-orchestral sound, aided by their twin male and female vocalists, mixed chorus and the addition of having oboe and flute players as full members...

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With a strong story concept and amazing visuals behind their pulse-pounding music, WING WORKS are bursting onto the scene with their UK debut at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market. This Visual Kei band has a cybernetic look to match their electro-rock sound, and plenty of attitude to go with both! Since making their debut in 2013, WING WORKS have been rocking the Japanese Visual-kei music scene. As well as many famous musical venues in Japan, such as Shibuya O-WEST and Shibuya WWW, they’re also now performing overseas in Europe, including their UK debut as they make their appearance at this...

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LADY BABY confirmed for Hyper Japan!

Yes, you read that correctly! Japan’s quirkiest new music group, are making their international debut at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015! The combination of Japanese idols and a harder, Metal sound is given an extra edge, both aurally and visually, by the addition of the most unique idol of all. Formed by the costume maker “Clearstone”, this group smashes all borders, be they gender, nationality, culture, age, or values to create Japanese idols with a new feeling. Expect this trio to make a huge splash! LADY BABY will be performing and appearing on the LIVE JAPAN stage throughout the...

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