2016 is shaping up to be a very exciting and memorable year for SCANDAL! During the groups special ’10th Anniversary Festival’ (featuring a whopping setlist of 27 tracks!) held at Izumi Otsu Phoenix, OSAKA, the foursome announced a new ‘best of’ album is planned for early next year with an extensive tour of Japan!

With every photo shared on Twitter and Instagram from SCANDAL’s ’10th Anniversary Festival’, the fans (me included) are counting down the days until we can welcome SCANDAL back to Europe in September! Last year, SCANDAL SOLD OUT London’s O2 Islington Academy and their second European Tour in support of their latest album ‘YELLOW’ sees the band venture into new cities and meeting adoring fans alike!

KAKKOII CLUB discovers which SCANDAL track means the most to them, which band they would like hear cover one of their songs and more!

Q. What did you most enjoy about performing in London last year?

TOMOMI: “We were so happy to do the sold out concert in London, the centre of ‘Rock’! Some people didn’t know our music well and they were evaluating our concert, but I felt “that’s London!”.

Q. What part of British culture do you find the most bizarre?

HARUNA: “Mmm, they say the meals are bad, or the weather is no good but when we were in London, the weather was very very good, everything we ate was tasty and the Londoners were so nice. Just one thing; we wanted to try the real fish and chips and we wandered in vain. So the next time we must try it!”

Q. Which lyric from a SCANDAL song means the most to you?

RINA: “Maybe ‘SCANDAL BABY’. We can feel a sense of unity when we play it in our concert and it has a good energy in any mood!”

Q. What is the one item you can’t go on tour without?

TOMOMI: “I often bring something aromatic, like candles and essential oils for making a relaxed atmosphere.”

Q. Which band would you like to hear cover a SCANDAL song?

MAMI: “I’ve almost never thought of it! Many amateur bands cover our songs. Mmm but I want a band from abroad to cover our songs, KISS maybe!”

Q. Fans worldwide really appreciate you all speaking to them during your concert in their language. Which language has been the most challenging?

RINA: “Happy to hear that. It is a challenge for us and we try to learn some sentences in your language. I am learning French now but last year when we tried to speak German, it was very difficult. A German guy told us to pronounce as if we were angry inside, but we couldn’t!”

Q. Has music always played an important part of your life?

MAMI: “Yes. Especially since we started to compose and write songs. Music is always by our side.”

Q. Which track from ‘YELLOW’ is your favourite to perform live?

TOMOMI: ” ‘Konya wa pizza party’. Because it has elements of Punk and Ska, so you can scream together with us. It’s fun!”

Q. Do you find inspiration for new songs while on tour?

RINA: “Most of the songs in ‘YELLOW’ were born during our tour last year. Especially while we tour abroad, we find inspiration because of the landscape and the atmosphere.”

Q. Which band or musician are your listening to on repeat right now?

RINA: “RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. They released their new album and were in Japan in July.”

Q. What would you like to do / see on your upcoming European Tour that you didn’t have time for last year?

TOMOMI: “I love the landscape in Europe so I’d like to take pictures and upload on our instagram and SNS. Also I want to visit vintage clothing stores,  I love it!”

Q. Are you nervous or excited before performing live?

HARUNA: “We get nervous anytime before our concerts,  so we try to concentrate together to get ready.”

Q. Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary! 

RINA: “Thanks! We are enjoying every year. What is important for us, is to continue another 10 years and it will be more difficult but we are ready to do it!”

Q. RINA; what inspired you to publish your first style book titled ‘It’s me, RINA’?

“I’m a drummer but I also love fashion, hair, make up, movies etc. I want to tell the girls who want to become musicians that we can enjoy everything, that’s why I published this book.”

Q. MAMI: I love the guitar riffs on ‘Take Me Out’! What inspired your guitar sound for this track?

“Thanks! I listened to a lot of TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB,  Japanese traditional festival songs and Samba. I hope you enjoy the rhythm of the song.”

Q. Which musicians / bands inspire you as individuals?


MAMI: “Takuya from JUDY AND MARY.”

HARUNA: “Namie Amuro who guided me to love music.”

RINA: “Ayumi Hamasaki, same reason as Haruna.”

Thanks to SCANDAL and B7KLAN for this opportunity.