In just under a month, quite possibly one of the largest and iconic names in music will touch down in London for ‘her’ first ever concert in the UK! I remember seeing the ticket announcement and the wave of enthusiasm and excitement that I witnessed on social media could only mean one thing; this is a huge deal for a lot of HATSUNE MIKU fans that have wanted to see the star perform in their home countries as far back as they could remember!

For me, I know very little about HATSUNE MIKU, the technology behind the stage show I find fascinating and it’s clear to see her model has vastly improved over the years from the various clips I’ve viewed on YouTube and the fact she has a live backing band definitely adds to the ‘live’ experience. If the band members were also projected onto a screen or were some form of robotics, I don’t think it would have half the appeal. That being said, I assume all eyes will be on the star in question and with the VIP tickets (£80+bf) already sold out within days of the tickets going on sale, HATSUNE MIKU’s debut UK show is looking to be a successful one! 

Most of the gigs I attend are in the vein of Japanese Rock, Punk & Metal bands. When I heard HATSUNE MIKU was coming to London for the first time, I just knew that if I didn’t purchase a ticket, I’d be kicking myself for months to come! £50 isn’t far off an actual arena ticket for most major artists these days, so with my ticket purchased I suddenly realised I could only name one track: ‘World Is Mine’ (this video on YouTube has been viewed over 6 million times!) You could ask “Then why are you going?” For me, I’m curious to see how good the performance looks and sounds in person. Some of the tracks are catchy but I couldn’t listen to a full album back to back, so it’s definitely the visuals combined with a live backing band which has peaked my interest and not forgetting this is HATSUNE MIKU’s debut UK show,  this simply has to be witnessed if only to say “I was there!”.

Based on my rather little knowledge of HATSUNE MIKU, it won’t just be her performing in London next month. There will also be a host of other ‘friends’ that will appear during the show (based on the clips I’ve seen from the recent MIKU EXPO events in the US) and I couldn’t even tell you their names but some of the fans at these live events, lost it and I mean lost it when certain characters appeared on stage! Vocaloid really is another culture / phenomenon in itself  which then leads us to the glow sticks you see at these type of events. Not uncommon within Idol culture, they look amazing with a huge crowd!

I can imagine Olympia all lit up now with bright neon green lights across the venue which will look incredible but I’ve never been one for using one myself – so far. It’s a key part of audience participation from what I’ve seen and I guess from my own perspective, I’m used to holding a pint in my hand and nodding along to the music but it’s clear that won’t do for these types of events – in that respect I wonder if I can lose myself in the concert because let’s face it, if you don’t have a glow stick in your hands, you’re going to look a little out of place! It does make me feel a little self conscious pre-event which I’m sure will change as soon as the house lights go down and the concert kicks off!

A number of years ago, I set myself the challenge of ‘trying something new every month for a year’. Granted, I only got to September (needed to start saving for Christmas) but I really enjoyed the experience. One of the tasks I set myself was ‘go to a concert that you wouldn’t normally attend’. This turned out to be Lady Gaga’s first full UK tour aka ‘The Monster Ball’. Similar to the above, I had my preconceptions before the event and was blown away by her live vocals and impressive visuals throughout the show. I’m 100% looking forward to HATSUNE MIKU’s live next month and not really knowing what to expect adds to the excitement!

Keep your eyes peeled for a follow up blog, post event!