“We are IJEN KAI! We came to earth from another planet and we have now been living in Tokyo!”

Welcome to the mysterious world of IJEN KAI. One of the most intriguing acts that have appeared at the HYPER JAPAN Festival to date!

You may have caught their hypnotic live set over the HYPER JAPAN Festival weekend; either memorised by their visuals or just left wanting more! One thing that I saw from the live stream on Saturday was clear; the audience had a great time and IJEN KAI were delighted with the response they received from their debut UK appearance!

Join me as I attempt to unravel the mystery behind this ‘Cyber Punk’ outfit!

Q. Which aspect of ‘Cyber Punk’ culture do you most connect with?

A. Actually We don’t know about ‘Cyber Punk’ culture. The website ‘VICE’ described us as a “CYBER PUNK BAND” for the first time. We thought it was cool when we saw that. So we are introducing us as a “CYBER PUNK BAND”. 

Q. How has ‘Cyber Punk’ inspired your look and sound?

A. They did not have much inspired us as we don’t know the culture very well. We like Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Bjork, The Prodigy, Portishead, Rob Zombie, Smashing Pumpkins, KoRn & Nine inch Nails. About our looks, this is a part of us. We are like that every day and wear the clothes that we want to.  But we love earthling’s fashion, especially brands like Alexander Wang, Backlash & Yoji Yamanoto.

Q. IJEN KAI recently performed at the HYPER JAPAN Festival. Please describe your experience and feelings after performing at the event, which also was your UK debut.

A. It was our first time to perform in the UK. Before the show we were very nervous. we were worrying about if the audience will like our performance or not. We felt they liked our music when we were performing on stage. Actually, that show was not complete as a band because we were just a three piece. There was no guitar, no drums, no noise player… but that show was the most fun!

Q. You performed as a three piece at the HYPER JAPAN Festival. Would you like to return to the UK / Europe with your full band in the near future?


Q. Please describe the origin of your outfits and how they were created.

A. Well, we don’t know… Are we looking very strange? creature? monster? That is how we look. We love earthling’s clothes, so we are just wearing what we want to. we love fashion!

Q. Are you currently working on new music?

A. Yes! We are making new music for our second album!

Q. If IJEN KAI could make a guest appearance in any film, which would you choose?

A. 200% ‘MAD MAX’, we are a big fan of that film. And David Lynch film, Star Wars…..Actually any kind of film. we love film very much!

Q. So-Shin – Please describe your choreography. Do you improvise at each show or do you have specific movements for each track?

A.  I have an image for each song. So mostly, I improvise.

Q. ‘Completely Alone’ had me hooked in an instant. Which is your favourite track to perform live?

A. Lee Loi – Thank you! my favourite track to perform live is…I think ‘gau’. that track makes me feel crazy!

Please provide a comment to your new UK fans.

First of all, we would like to say thank you to all the people who are interested in HYPER JAPAN. Because they love something about Japan. anime, music, food, culture… whatever. We are so glad about that and we were really, really enjoying our show at HYPER JAPAN! We want to come there and play in front of you again! we are ready! we are looking for someone who can bring us, so please wait for us! we definitely come again!

Check out IJEN KAI’s website and new Twitter account for all the latest details!

Thanks to IJEN KAI & Trinh Nguyen for this opportunity.